Build and manage content for cross channel campaigns


Deliver & manage contextual campaigns across channels


Auto engage instantly and score leads based on activities


Monitor campaigns and visualize sales pipelines better than before.

Multi Channel Marketing, Tracking & Communication

Teleduce enables multi channels to run lead generation campaigns, to track interests and leads, to communicate back. Teleduce offers content delivery & tracking features from contact to customer journey.

Teleduce campaign management software enables guided path to carefully choose contacts from multiple sources, design & manage content, enable tracking and schedule.

Lead Box – Lead Management Simplified & Automated

Lead Box enables automated lead scoring, lead dashboard and offers intuitive lead data management features. Enables quick communication along with hand reach content to send more personalized content ensuring lead nurturing works.

Lead box is again productive friendly and make sure sales team is faster than faster.

List Management – Robust & Connected.

List Management is robust to source list in any format from any sources. List management offers features to manipulate, subset, segment and maintain lists.

Importantly, List management is connected across Teleduce campaign management software which helps to run campaigns to targeted lists faster.

Surprise is that, List management can analyze lists, campaigns and activities to provide interesting analytics.

Reports – Intuitive for Decision Making.

Teleduce with its connected capability, generates campaign reports, productivity reports, lead reports, communication reports, pipeline reports and content reports.

Teleduce reports are highly configurable, easily receivable and intuitive.

Campaigns Everyday
Contacts Reached Everyday
Leads Managed Everyday
Engagements Everyday

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